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UWINMO offers products in a variety of applications such as Alarm Clock, Sleep Tracker, Speed Measurement, Fitness Tracker, 24 hour instruction, Blood oxygen monitor, Heart rate monitor, Smart reminder, LBS Tracker, Music and Game Play.

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Technology (GET) is a Sino-US joint venture since 2009, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. The company is a Sino-US joint venture integrating research and development, production and sales, and is a highly professional smart device manufacturer in China.

GET has successfully provided high-quality products and services to sellers of Amazon, EBAY and other e-commerce platforms worldwide, and has provided high-quality, uniquely designed smart watches, smart bracelets and smart wearable devices to 48 countries and regions around the world. To satisfy GET’s customers by providing high-quality products, timely delivery and competitive prices, GET looks forward to serving you in the days to come.

UWINMO is a manufacturer specializing in the export of the smart wearable devices.


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GET has been hosting many customer visits from the whole world everyday, such as USA, Russia, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Holand, Turkey, Germany, Japan, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, Finland, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Philippines and etc

We improve our service to our customers through “professional” and “responsible”. Simply fill out our application form and we will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the most professional service.

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GET is a 6-year gold medal seller of Alibaba
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Focus on customer satisfaction of our structural components production since 2009.
You can customize structural members and services. Because we try our best to meet the specific needs of your industry. And all our products are supplied cost-effectively. Above all, our engineers will follow up the whole manufacturing process. And they can solve all problems on site. Because we only need a shorter manufacturing lead time than peers. As a result, our customers can benefit from the order turnaround time. Above all, the resource and expertise of us will help to support your business.

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Are smartwatches only for men?

Overnight, when you click on the shopping software or shopping platform, black smart watches can be the first to catch your eye. Black, high-precision, mechanized, and stacked with various functions, smart watches are highly developed industrial products, representing modern the fast-paced life seems to be incompatible with the traditional life, and it is even more incompatible with the gentle temperament of women, but is this really the case? By design, smartwatches are equally suitable for men and women, which allow watches to not only provide time, but also multiple functions. Getting lost is just as terrifying, whether it was during the frenzied gold rush years of the 18th and 19th centuries, or leaving human settlements and entering the forest today. Finding the missing person is also a problem from ancient times to the present. But now when you get lost in the forest, you have a smart watch in your hand. With the help of GPS, it is no longer so difficult to find the trail. Fitness is the most fashionable thing nowadays, but exercise is only effective if it reaches a certain intensity. Exercise that cannot reach the intensity is invalid exercise. The effective factor to measure exercise intensity is heart rate. In addition to detecting exercise intensity, smart watches can also detect blood oxygen and metabolic balance, which can detect abnormal

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How to choose a children’s watch

With the popularity of smart watches, they occupy a larger and larger position in life, and smart watches are not only limited to adult watches, but also begin to enter children’s watches and elderly watches. Because of their liveliness, activeness, and low strength, children have more requirements for smart watches than adults. When facing children, parents not only need to keep in touch with their children from time to time, but also need to keep track of their children’s itineraries in real time. When children encounter danger, it is also necessary to issue an emergency call in time. But there are many types of smart watches on the market, so how should you choose a smart watch? Here are some tips. Security The safety of children’s smart watches includes two aspects, one is its own quality and safety, and the other is the safety guarantee it provides. The quality and safety of smart watches include the safety of the model, the safety of the battery quality, the safety of the whole machine, which also includes the performance of the buttons, the waterproof test, etc. It also includes the safety of the wristband and the safety of the wristband. On the one hand, the performance includes whether the watch’s dial and strap links are stable, and whether there is a perspiration groove design. On the

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Why should you buy a smart watch

Just click on a shopping website, smart watches will be on the hot sales list. Many people cannot understand that smart watches only add some non-essential functions compared to watches. Why are they so popular? Major companies are competing to release new products , but with the rising price of smart watches, the enthusiasm of ordinary people to buy is even more high. Why should you buy a smartwatch? The reasons are as follows: For children, they are characterized by being energetic and curious about the world. At the same time, they are also vulnerable to being deceived, making them often victims of various vicious cases. To protect children, the first is to be able to To determine the child’s track, the smart watch has a GPS positioning function, which can always locate the child. There is an SOS alarm, one-click alarm when danger occurs.The childcan answer the phone, so you don’t have to look around to call the child back, which not only ensures the safety of children, but also saves the time of parents. For the elderly, after the passing of time, their mobility, health and even memory will fade away,they will become dementia and forgetfulness. The safety and health of the elderly are issues that the whole society is concerned about. The smart watch perfectly solves this problem. The smart watch has

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How to connect a children’s watch to a mobile phone

  Nowadays, the development of children’s smart watches is more and more mature, and parents also need to master their children’s itinerary and safety. So more and more children wear smart watches. However, many users have doubts about how the watch connects to the phone. So let me teach you how to connect a children’s watch. Proceed as follows: Open the children’s watch and insert the sim card; Scan the QR code provided on the user guide according to the requirements of the children’s watch; Click to download the APP; Find the file to open, and click Install; The installation is successful, and the “registration” starts to use; Then connect the children’s mobile phone to the mobile phone. First, you need to enter your mobile phone number to log in. With the verification code, the member who logs in for the first time will become the administrator of the watch. Members who are later bound to their mobile phones need to be given a SMS verification code by the administrator to pass. Children’s issues are a very hot topic all over the world. Every year, countries will formulate some corresponding measures for the safety of children, but it is still impossible to avoid the occurrence of problems such as lost children. With the rise of wearable devices, children’s smart watches are

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