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UWINMO offers products in a variety of applications such as Alarm Clock, Sleep Tracker, Speed Measurement, Fitness Tracker, 24 hour instruction, Blood oxygen monitor, Heart rate monitor, Smart reminder, LBS Tracker, Music and Game Play.

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Technology (GET) is a Sino-US joint venture since 2009, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. The company is a Sino-US joint venture integrating research and development, production and sales, and is a highly professional smart device manufacturer in China.

GET has successfully provided high-quality products and services to sellers of Amazon, EBAY and other e-commerce platforms worldwide, and has provided high-quality, uniquely designed smart watches, smart bracelets and smart wearable devices to 48 countries and regions around the world. To satisfy GET’s customers by providing high-quality products, timely delivery and competitive prices, GET looks forward to serving you in the days to come.

UWINMO is a manufacturer specializing in the export of the smart wearable devices.


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GET has been hosting many customer visits from the whole world everyday, such as USA, Russia, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Holand, Turkey, Germany, Japan, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, Finland, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Philippines and etc

We improve our service to our customers through “professional” and “responsible”. Simply fill out our application form and we will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the most professional service.

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GET is a 6-year gold medal seller of Alibaba
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Focus on customer satisfaction of our structural components production since 2009.
You can customize structural members and services. Because we try our best to meet the specific needs of your industry. And all our products are supplied cost-effectively. Above all, our engineers will follow up the whole manufacturing process. And they can solve all problems on site. Because we only need a shorter manufacturing lead time than peers. As a result, our customers can benefit from the order turnaround time. Above all, the resource and expertise of us will help to support your business.

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The best Wear OS watch faces to download

For the most part, you should be able to find a bunch of watch faces already preinstalled on your device, but you can find many more great options in the Google Play Store and third-party services. No matter what package of smart watch you buy, you can mix and match in the watch face. We’ve picked out some of the more popular related watch faces that you can download directly from any Wear OS watch if you’re running Wear 2.0 or higher. Below is a summary of some of the more popular watch faces for reference. The first: Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher This bubble-based watch face brings a little Apple Watch makeover to your Wear OS smart watch, turning your app shortcuts into little floating circles that let you customize the interface in many different ways. Apps can also be categorized into folders if desired. Second: Dots Dots just put the time element into the circle and allow you to add an additional dot to show the battery status. There are plenty of theme colors to choose from, and this is a truly great operator if you care too much time wrapping your screen with tons of complications. Third: Ultra Not only does the Ultra pack a ton of information on your smart watch screen, but it manages to look

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Best budget top smartwatch

There are plenty of great smart watches to choose from these days, but the best on paper might not be right for you.With options for sports people, runners, fashionistas, and those on a tight budget, there are many things to consider when shopping for a smart watch.Our buyer’s guide to the best smart watches is full of smartwatches we’ve reviewed, tested, and worn on our wrist for weeks on end.Rounding up the best budget top smart watches. Best smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 7 – $399 Apple Watch Series 7 is more advanced with always-on display and ECG, a new look and fast charging, making it the best smartwatch money can buy. Best smartwatches for Android smartphone users: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – $279.99 A great screen and a bunch of top health features make the Galaxy Watch 4 a great smartwatch. The move to Wear OS 3.0 means the selection of apps on offer makes it the best Galaxy Watch yet. Best Budget Smartwatch: Amazfit Bip U Pro – $69 Masking its sub-$100/£100 price tag, it packs a ton of power, GPS, decent sleep tracking and tons of health features. The app is also slightly higher than most other budget smartwatch brands. Great value for money. Best fitness smartwatch: Garmin Venu 2 – $399 Venu 2 has long battery life and is focused on

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How to use Google Pay on Android OS smart watch

Since most Android OS smart watch have Google Pay installed, it is common for Android OS smart watch to be able to use Google Pay.If you don’t have your smartwatch, go to Google Play to download and install it.For your smartphone, install the app to your smartphone. Make sure your smartwatch and smartphone are logged into the same Google account so that you can use your smartphone to operate the corresponding functions of your smartwatch. The installation steps are as follows: 1.Download the app from the Google Play Store to install it. 2.Open the Google Pay app and tap the Start button. 3.Next, click the Connect to “Gmail” button. A window will pop up asking you to allow Google Pay to access your device’s location. 4.Google Pay wants to know your location to let you know when you can accept or use your loyalty card. To use the location feature, click the blue letter On button at the bottom of the screen 5.There are four tabs at the bottom of the Google Pay app: Home, Payments, Pass, and Send. Go to the Payments tab and click the Add Payment Method button. You can also start from the Home tab. Go to the “Pay with your phone in stores” section and tap the blue “Settings” button. If you already have a card

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The lifespan of an android OS smart watch

Watches powered by Android OS account for a large proportion of the entire smart watch family, and a large number of people use this operating system. We will discuss how to increase the longevity of this part. I believe everyone should pay attention to this before buying. Smart watch can be used for 2 to 3 years. The lifespan of a smart watch is entirely dependent on usage. With regular use, it can range from a few months to a year. If left unused, it will be replaced by another product within a year or two. This kind of electronic product is not like traditional watch products, and the replacement is very fast. Everyone’s usage habits are different, some people like it, it takes a long time, some people don’t use it, and the service life is definitely short. Purchase Notes: 1.Ease of use: Above all, you need a simple device that your child knows how to use. Look for a large screen, kid-friendly buttons, and an easy-to-operate strap that even small hands can grasp. 2.Age of use: The use of a smart watch largely depends on its age and corresponding exercise ability, so please pay attention to the applicable age range of the watch. Of course, also consider whether older kids might find these features useful. If you have a preschooler who is often at

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