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5 Reasons to Buy a GPS Running Watch
5 Reasons to Buy a GPS Running Watch

The GPS running watch is becoming the must-have accessory amongst runners and exercise enthusiasts. These devices allow runners to keep an accurate record of their distances, times and fitness levels. These statistics give runners the information they need to ensure that they rest, recover, and continue to train in line with their own personal abilities. Modern technological advances mean that these watches are becoming an essential accessory in the sport. GPS running watches offer many benefits and uses. They can be worn for multiple sports and will come in handy throughout daily life. If you are in the market for a new running accessory, here are 5 reasons to buy a GPS running watch.

Our Top 5 Reasons to Buy a GPS Running Watch

1.  GPS running watches are incredibly accurate.

One of the biggest appeals of GPS running watches is the very high levels of accuracy that they are capable of. The GPS capability of these high-tech timepieces allows them to track times and distances with a much higher level of accuracy than other standard fitness watches. Having an accurate record of previous runs will allow runners to plan future runs better. This will aid them in bettering their fitness levels. This accuracy allows for real time tracking. A runner will be able to view key statistics, such as pace, time and calories burned. Distance tracking means that the runner can be notified at every kilometre or mile marker they reach. This will allow them to adjust their pace to reach their personal time and distance goals. Accuracy is incredibly important to runners, which is why we have chosen to include it in our top 5 reasons to buy a GPS running watch.


2. These watches are an excellent source of motivation.

As GPS running watches are a great way to keep a record of previous runs, goals and personal bests, they are a great tool for those who require some extra motivation. For many runners, a personal best time or distance is simply a new target to beat. Being able to accurately track pace and distance will aid the wearer in beating their goals. Some GPS running watches have the capability to aid the wearer in planning workouts and running routes. This will eliminate some of the boring elements of training. The runner will be able to place more focus on the physical training side of things. Some GPS running watches act as a navigation device. They can provide the wearer with turn by turn directions for the duration of their running route. A device that makes things easier and more simple for runners will encourage and motivate them to progress.


3. Many GPS running watches are compatible with social sharing platforms.

Some GPS running watch manufacturers, such as Uwinmo, build their watches to be compatible with social sharing platforms. This allows runners to share their progress and personal bests with fellow runners and friends in order to engage in healthy competition and encourage each other in their progress. A sense of community will motivate runners. They will feel as though others are also invested in their fitness journey. These social platforms are also a great way to learn about events that are happening in order to stay in touch with a local running community.


4. GPS running watches are not just for running.

These high-tech timepieces are often built to be multipurpose. GPS running watches tend to have settings for swimming and cycling as these sports demand similar tracking sensors to running. This makes these watches excellent companions for triathletes and multi talented sports people. GPS running watches make great training partners as they have so many capabilities. Many watches feature inbuilt training programmes. These programmes can guide the wearer through a range of exercises in order to help them improve their overall fitness levels. GPS running watches are also excellent tools for recovery. As the watch can track activity so accurately, it can use this information to advise the wearer on recovery times and techniques.


5. These watches have numerous additional features.

Modern GPS smartwatches are not just sporting accessories. These timepieces are designed to be worn every day to track movement and activity. However, many modern running watches have capabilities outside of running and GPS navigation. Some watches can be connected to the wearer’s smartphone and will be able to display call and message notifications to keep the wearer connected. Other watches are able to make payments using NFC technology. Most GPS smartwatches are equipped with a range of basic apps, providing them with additional utility, making them a vital tool for daily living as well as running. It is important that a smartwatch is capable of functions outside of running, so this factor has been included in our 5 reasons to buy a GPS running watch.

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