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A quick buying guide: Choose the best fitness smartwatch for you
A quick buying guide: Choose the best fitness smartwatch for you

Smart fitness smartwatch are a dime a dozen these days but which one is right for you? Yes, it can be hard to choose the best fitness smartwatch. To help you a bit, here’s a quick buying guide for you to understand what all features you should consider before buying a fitness band or a smartwatch.


How to choose a smartwatch

If you are spending on a smartwatch, look for the following features before you decide to hit buy.


Fitness features

Plenty of smartwatches today have SpO2 monitoring level features. This is a must now and thus whichever smartwatch you choose to go for should ideally support it. While the accuracy of the feature will depend on the product, atleast having it in your smartwatch can give some indication if there are signs of it.


Due to Covid-19, blood oxygen monitoring has become crucial and smartwatches can also help here. Other features that are supported across most smartwatches are real time heart rate tracking and sleeping patterns. Users will be able to know their daily sleep duration, regularity and other details.


Additionally, specifically designed smartwatches for women also support menstrual cycle tracking features. So, in brief, look for smartwatches that offer a number of these features and other workout or sports features. Your smartwatch should be able to offer data on the total steps taken, calorie burn, heart rate zones, energy consumption and more.


Design and display

If you have made up your mind to buy a smartwatch, make sure it has a big display. Some smartwatches come with a sapphire glass display. This will have another advantage for you as it will protect the display from scratches.


Another aspect to consider is the design of a smartwatch. If you are looking to buy a watch for everyday use, remember a thinner watch will be comfortable to wear all day. Your smartwatch should have good build quality and also support interchangeable watch straps. Check if the strap is durable and comfortable against the skin. Lastly, look for a waterproof smartwatch so that you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged against water.


Long battery life and compatibility

The latest smartwatches are rated to deliver upto 7 days of battery life. However, you don’t get a week’s long battery life with smartwatches that are loaded with numerous features. Features like overnight sleep tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring will drain the battery. Further, the battery life of your fitness smartwatch will depend on your usage.


Compatibility is one of the other important things that you should consider. There are many smartwatches on the market that don’t offer support for all the core apps. So, try and see if you can find online reviews to ensure that the watch you buy supports most of the apps.

How to choose the right affordable fitness smartwatch

A budget fitness watch might not offer you all the detailed features like expensive smartwatches, it can atleast give you the basic features that could prove useful to you. SO, it’s important that you take notes of the features that you definitely want in your smartwatch. Look for wearables that offer multiple sports features so that the activities you do like running, swimming, cycling, jogging are also included.


Be it calling smartwatch or bluetooth smartwatch, a smartwatch is a must buy in today’s time. Today, we have smartwatches with more features than ever. At Uwinmo, we bring to you the latest designs in smartwatches with all the excellent features like a SMS display, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor etc. Our smartbands display your text, track steps and even display the time and date of the day.

If you are looking for a smartwatch, look no further than Uwinmo smartwatches.

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