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Are Sleep Monitors in Smartwatches Reliable?
Are Sleep Monitors in Smartwatches Reliable?

Our changing lifestyles and professional work lives are the major reason why our sleeping patterns are being altered. We aren't able to give so much time to ourselves and to our well being. Our mind and body needs healing from our everyday lives. Therefore having the right sleep pattern becomes essential.


Sleeping patterns can majorly affect our lifestyle patterns. Therefore, we find a need to monitor them on a regular basis. Our body functions in a healthy way only if we monitor our sleep. The estimated time that an individual requires sleep is between 7 to 9 hours.


People try various methods to regulate their sleeping patterns. It may include reading a book before going to sleep, reducing your caffeine intake, not spending too much time on your mobile or computer screens or even adjusting the area of sleep. If these methods do not help, people even seek medical advice. In this case, it becomes imperative that you observe the patterns of your sleep cycle.


With the evolution of technology, a number of applications and devices have been developed that are successfully able to monitor our sleeping patterns. These devices can be placed on our bedside table, worn on our wrists or can even be clipped to our pillows.

How Do These Sleep Trackers Work?


These devices work on the principle of motion sensors. If you are awake or asleep, the devices are able to monitor that. The number of times you woke up during the night can also be monitored. When there is a lack of movement, the device presumes that you are having a sound sleep. This information can prove to be very insightful for your medical examiners and can help them in analysing your health situation in a better way.


People often suffer from restlessness while sleeping or even insomnia and therefore it needs to be checked. Fitness trackers and smartwatches help in getting an almost accurate account of your sleep patterns. Some breathing disturbances might be the reason that your sleep pattern gets disturbed and therefore it should be monitored with accuracy by specialists.


However, the sleep quality and the sleep phases during the day cannot be accurately measured if a person is used to taking naps during the day. Naps taken during the day are however not analysed and cannot give the most accurate record.


Smartwatches having a Sleep Monitor


A smartwatch is known to offer easy functionality when it comes to monitoring various health and fitness features. A good and a trusted smartwatch can accurately monitor calorie count, heart rate, and even your sleeping pattern.


Smartwatches offer both wearable and non wearable tracking of your sleep cycle. Some of you might not like the idea of wearing your smartwatch while sleeping and you might get the alternative of keeping it beside you while sleeping. Smartwatches also offer a lot of data while tracking. Your sleeping hours, sound sleep, etc. can be accurately measured to come to a pattern.


However, sleep monitoring  is not the only way to remain fit. One must also follow a good diet and a workout regime to stay fit. Sleep is only a small part of your whole health system. One must exercise according to one’s body mass and metabolism.


Technology and Health Go Together!


Technology and health are steadily coming together and one complements the other. Only when we have command over both of them, can we lead a healthy life. Smartwatches help in monitoring your health aspects and inturn help you in coming to a conclusive pattern. The data can be trusted but one must consult a physician to get a better understanding of their health system.

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