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Are smart watches reliable for monitoring ECG?
Are smart watches reliable for monitoring ECG?

Some friends will ask: Is it reliable for smart watches to monitor ECG?

The answer is yes: reliable.

Some models of smart watches of some brands have obtained the product registration certificate for medical devices from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), which belongs to the category of wearable medical devices with "certificates".

Electrophysiological signals will be generated at any two points on the surface of the human body, forming a potential difference; the ECG signal can be obtained from the potential difference, and the ECG waveform can be traced by connecting to an ECG machine.

There are two titanium and silicon-chromium-carbon nitride electrodes on the crown and back of the smart watch, which can be worn on the wrist to continuously collect and obtain human ECG signals. People do ECGs in hospitals, and the equipment is a standard 12-channel, 12-lead ECG machine. The LCD screen of the smart watch is only about 1 square inch, and the displayed ECG is a single-channel ECG signal waveform; the information obtained is limited. Smartwatches can be used to detect "sinus rhythm" and abnormal "atrial fibrillation" warning prompts.

Sinus rhythm is the normal heart rhythm of the human body, but "atrial fibrillation" often causes ischemic stroke. Some patients have a short onset time and are asymptomatic, and often miss the opportunity to seek medical treatment in time. Wearing a smart watch can monitor and record the above conditions and alert the abnormal ECG. For the elderly and users with atrial fibrillation, a watch with ECG (electrocardiogram) function can play a role in warning and avoiding risks. However, due to technical bottlenecks, it cannot yet be used to detect heart attacks, blood clots, myocardial infarctions, and strokes, and it cannot identify 100% of all atrial fibrillation.

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