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Are smartwatches only for men?
Are smartwatches only for men?

Overnight, when you click on the shopping software or shopping platform, black smart watches can be the first to catch your eye. Black, high-precision, mechanized, and stacked with various functions, smart watches are highly developed industrial products, representing modern the fast-paced life seems to be incompatible with the traditional life, and it is even more incompatible with the gentle temperament of women, but is this really the case?

By design, smartwatches are equally suitable for men and women, which allow watches to not only provide time, but also multiple functions. Getting lost is just as terrifying, whether it was during the frenzied gold rush years of the 18th and 19th centuries, or leaving human settlements and entering the forest today. Finding the missing person is also a problem from ancient times to the present. But now when you get lost in the forest, you have a smart watch in your hand. With the help of GPS, it is no longer so difficult to find the trail.

Fitness is the most fashionable thing nowadays, but exercise is only effective if it reaches a certain intensity. Exercise that cannot reach the intensity is invalid exercise. The effective factor to measure exercise intensity is heart rate. In addition to detecting exercise intensity, smart watches can also detect blood oxygen and metabolic balance, which can detect abnormal indicators of the body in time, and maintain health.

At the moment when smart watches are hot, smart watches have already developed a variety of series, which not only divided into children's watches, adult watches and elderly watches, but also special women's watches, which are designed to fit the size of women's wrists, rather than adult watches,Men's wrist size design. Colors also changed from black to beige, pink and white.

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