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Are smartwatches useful
Are smartwatches useful

The first smartwatches were much more limited, but they were still considered smart watches due to their fantastic array of functions and useful features. They served mainly as a phone companion and an excellent tool for monitoring physical activity, comfortably answering phone calls and important messages, and reading notifications—everything directly from your wrist.


Later on, wearable technology became increasingly popular among users who asked for added functionalities, integration with the latest smartphones, larger screen sizes, and an overall improvement in the most modern smartwatch versions.


There are also several studies about the healthcare applications of smartwatches and discussions about if these wearable devices can effectively diagnose a heart attack. The future of these gadgets is still promising and has a lot of undiscovered possibilities. The health implications alone can make these smartwatches worth it.


Do people buy smartwatches? Absolutely, and you can see them everywhere. Should you buy one? It depends on your particular use and preferences. In the following section, we have highlighted eight advantages and benefits of smartwatches to make a better-informed decision.


8 advantages of smartwatches

We believe there are more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to purchasing a smartwatch, and they are as follows:


  1. Instant notifications and messages

Keeping track of notifications and messages has never been easier. You don’t need to take out your phone to see your social media notifications and messages anymore. The smartwatch will display them for you on its screen. This is a good thing if you are expecting to receive something important or if you don’t want to get disturbed by any notification sound or vibration at work or any other place where you need to be quiet.


  1. Managing phone calls effortlessly

A smartwatch can help you manage your phone calls easily. Moreover, you can complement it with a Bluetooth headset or hands-free headsets to form a complete ecosystem. Remember that accepting or declining calls with the watch usually requires your handset to be nearby. However, some smartwatches allow you to use them independently.


  1. It’s fashionable

Let’s be honest. An Apple Watch series, Samsung Galaxy Watch, or any other wearable of the big brands looks good and feels good. If you have an Apple Watch, you can customize it with a wide selection of Apple Watch faces looking even better.


  1. Battery saving

Smartwatches are worth it if you want to save your phone’s battery. It’s a fact that your smartphone can consume a lot of battery life throughout the day using a wide range of apps, listening to music, answering text messages, getting directions, or any other. The smartwatch combines all the functions of your smartphone without having to use it directly. Indeed, your phone will still use a significant part of the battery, but the smartwatch technology will help you reduce your stress levels if you can’t charge it at that time.


  1. Health and fitness tracker

One of the main reasons to get a smartwatch is health awareness. They function as good health and wellness trackers. Step counting is one of the features, but they can also keep track of your blood pressure and heart rate using an ECG (electrocardiogram heart monitor). While newer smartwatches need to be charged more often than other sophisticated fitness trackers, they provide a good amount of data.


The benefits of a smartwatch in terms of controlling your diet and stress levels are also evident. It can boost your motivation to engage in workouts and sports activities to have an active lifestyle. As a result, it can even help fight chronic diseases and insomnia symptoms, also improving mental health in consequence. Smartwatches are definitely worth it in this case.


  1. It’s a travel buddy

A smartwatch is an excellent example of a travel buddy (apart from your friends and family, of course). There is no shortage of happy owners who use this device to travel instead of constantly looking at their phone screens. For instance, the Uwinmo Watch, one of the most popular smartwatches, delivers vibrations to your wrist to tell you whether you should turn left or right when following directions.


The GPS of these portable devices is an excellent alternative to travel by looking at your smartphone and offers similar features. For example, an Uwinmo Watch will give you Siri’s search directions, like an iPhone. Android and Galaxy smartwatches will use Google Maps and Android’s system, including Android Wear.


  1. Safety

Since smartwatches are generally equipped with a GPS, tracking your sports activities or movements also means that they can help keep you safe by tracking your location. If you are in an unfamiliar environment, you want to give your relatives peace of mind. For example, many smartwatches have a fall detection feature and can make an emergency call if no movement is detected. Others have SOS /panic buttons to contact specific individuals through a message or call.


In addition to personal safety, a smartwatch can also help you find your phone with the “Find phone” feature. No more making a call from another phone to find your own!

  1. Entertainment and music directly on your wrist

The high-resolution display of today’s new devices and the quality of the latest apps for smartwatches make them perfect for entertainment. You can watch videos on YouTube, listen to your favorite podcasts on the go, and even store music on the device. What about video games? The same applies here, and there are even what they call gaming smartwatches already.

If you are looking for a smartwatch, look no further than Uwinmo smartwatches.

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