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Four Fashion Tips For Women’s Smart Watches
Four Fashion Tips For Women’s Smart Watches

Smartwatches have become popular among men and women. Especially in the last decades. Unlike men, most women often use smartwatches as an accessory or jewelry. Rather than as a timepiece.

Fun fact: Do you know smartwatches were only worn by women before the 20th century? This was for decorative purposes rather than timekeeping functions.

As women, we need to choose smartwatches that also fit our unique style. Not only as jewelry or to complement our outfits.

There are a couple of other things to look out for when setting out to buy a smartwatch. And that is the essence of this post. To keep you abreast of some tips to consider when choosing a smartwatch.

Sit back, and learn fashionable tips to help you rock your smartwatch better.

Match Your Watch to The Occasion

You’d agree that different outfits are best for certain occasions.

It is the same way certain accessories are most appropriate for certain outfits and occasions. It is important to know the ideal kind of smartwatch to pair with your events.

If you’re attending a casual occasion, you can decide to go with what you enjoy wearing. A nice leather strap and a simple light face will match most casual and corporate outfits.


For formal occasions, a woman’s smartwatch should almost resemble a fine bracelet. Smartwatches for those occasions should come with a thin strap and a small simple face.

Also, some jewels and a metal strap can be added to make it more sparkling.

Smartwatches with elegant designs can be a great addition to a formal outfit. Especially if accompanied by some pretty gemstones.


When using your smartwatch for intensive workouts or sporting activities, consider getting one with a silicon or rubber band.


Find your style

We already know that smartwatch technology has been expanding. This has led to the continuous production of new and innovative smartwatches. These smartwatches appeal to men and women alike.

Many smartwatches no longer look clunky as that of previous generations.

In recent times, they have been taking on a more refined, appealing, and beautiful look. Many fashionable women have joined this trend. They are rocking out different styles of smartwatches.

Your smartwatch isn’t for telling the time alone. Asides from that, it says a lot about you and expresses your style.

There are several types of styles when it comes to women’s smartwatches. If you prefer feminine and elegant looks, give floral designs a try. If you prefer something not so feminine, you can try the boyfriend smartwatches.


Consider Your Skin Tone

As with clothes and other types of accessories, your skin tone matters when choosing a smartwatch. You should consider how the type, design, and material of your smartwatch fit your skin tone. Picking a smartwatch that matches your skin tone will enhance your look greatly.

Usually, skin tones are generally classified into two categories; cool or warm. You can know your skin tone by observing the color of the vein inside your arms.

Bluish-colored veins characterize cool skin tone. If your skin tone is cool, you’d observe pinkish or rosy-red undertones when you look in the mirror. Most people have cool skin tones, including dark and tan-skinned people.

Greenish-colored veins characterize warm skin tone. If your skin tone is warm, you’d observe yellow or golden-apricot undertones when looking in the mirror. Fair people usually have a warm skin tone.

When choosing a smartwatch that fits your skin tone, you should bear some things in mind. A smartwatch with stainless steel, silver, or white gold case material complements cool skin tone well.

Also, smartwatches decorated with gemstones like diamonds, ruby, blue sapphire, aquamarine, or emerald can be a beautiful pick.

For women with warm skin tones, smartwatches with gold or rose gold cased materials will be most suitable. When decorated with earthy shades of gemstones like alexandrite, citrine, garnet, or yellow diamonds, they give the perfect look.

In summary, cool skin-toned women should go for silver colors. And if you are warm-skin-toned, go for golden colors.

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