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Can Smartwatches Replace Smartphones
Can Smartwatches Replace Smartphones

What functions do you usually associate with a smartphone?

Placing calls, sending text messages, checking social media notifications, clicking pictures, keeping a check of your health, etc, are some of the features that commonly come into our minds when we think of a smartphone. These are the features that we consider absolutely necessary when we step out to purchase a smartphone. Our smartphone which was earlier considered to be a luxury has now become an essential part of our lives.


Smartwatches these days are known to perform similar or exact features and therefore it has become a much debated topic whether smartwatches can replace smartphones. With a more convenient functionality, smartwatches are taking over the market.


It is a well known fact that it isn’t possible to carry your smartphone wherever you go. Since they do not offer easy portability, smartwatches become a more feasible option. The smartwatches are tied to your wrist and you do not have to worry about losing track of them.

Reduce Your Screen Time!


One of the major reasons that we feel that gives smartwatches an edge over smartphones is that it reduces your screen time. The younger generation tends to spend hours scrolling on their smartphones and they’ve gotten addicted to checking it after every ten minutes. The radiations of the screen are reduced to a significant extent in a smartwatch. Whether it's about checking notifications or using it as a normal watch, your eyes do not get harmed to the same extent as with that of a smartphone.


Smartwatches nowadays also come with cellular connectivity. It reduces their dependency on a foreign device and therefore they become a whole device in themselves. You can easily receive social media notifications through them and always stay connected. You do not have to peep into your smartphone everytime you want to get the latest updates of the happenings around the world.


Smartwatch- A Healthier Option


Smartwatches also give an accurate account of your health and fitness. With its range of features, it can help you in getting a more personalised record of your day to day workouts. With separate focus on your calorie count, heart rate, sleep monitoring, etc, the analysis of your health can be done in a better way. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are no different in this aspect as even smartwatches come with a pedometer. But a smartwatch is so much more than just being a fitness tracker.

If you want a more in depth analysis of your health, you should not solely depend upon the smartwatch. You should consult a doctor in such cases.


Futuristic Virtual Assistant!


There will come a time when we can see the virtual assistants will also be enabled into the smartwatches. It will make it possible to perform the simplest of functions with just a voice command. All the features such as placing calls, sending text messages, accessing the internet, changing tracks, or even adjusting the volume will just be a voice command away. And what could be better if you could even control your home settings with a smartwatch.


Change Your Look, Wherever You Go!


Another benefit of choosing a smartwatch over a smartphone is that they come with changeable straps. You can customise your look according to your outfit and moods and always stay ahead of the game. This is however not possible with a smartphone. You would have to shell out a bomb if you wish to upgrade to another model of your smartphone.


Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular among the current generation. More and more companies are entering the market and offering a tough competition to the available variants. Therefore one should make a careful choice.

Choose Your Smartwatch Wisely


A number of factors need to be considered while buying a good smartwatch. When looking for a device, battery backup remains the topmost important factor. Other features like connectivity to your device and water resistant also play an important role. A number of variants also offer a plethora of health and fitness features like calorie counter, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, etc. smartwatches als come with multiple watchfaces that do not let you get bored of your smartwatch. With multiple sports modes, one can also stay fit and active.

If you are looking for a smart watch to optimise the way you work you can consider browsing through our collection of Uwinmo smartwatches.

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