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Can You Answer Calls On A Smartwatch
Can You Answer Calls On A Smartwatch

Gone are the days watches were only a fashion item that tells time. Now, they’re so many more; smart devices you can use to do a lot of things that would otherwise be impossible without you having to tap on your phone’s screen. But, can you answer calls on a smartwatch?

Yes, you can.

With your smartwatches, you can do A LOT! You can use them in making calls, receiving, and even replying to texts. And, of course, with the watch strapped to your wrist. But, these they can’t do in isolation. They are only possible when you connect your smartwatch to your mobile via Bluetooth or if the smartwatch has a sim card slot.

In the rest of this post, we’ll get into more details on how you can easily answer your calls on your smartwatch. So, If you’d like to know more about how your smartwatches can function, read on! But, before you do that, I’d like to advise you to find a cool spot to read this—because it’s about to get a lot more interesting!

How to Answer Calls on Your Smartwatch?

Today, you can use your smartwatches to reinforce your dress sense, check the time, and pick your phone calls at the same time.

Isn’t this exactly why they are, “smart,” in the first place?

Yes, I agree! We have the innovative deeds of Apple and other companies like it to thank! Today, our watches can do so much more than just tell the time or wake us up early in the morning. They can now answer calls.

But, how’s this even possible. How can I even use a watch, just a watch, to answer calls from my family, friends, and acquaintances? Technology, baby! And we’re so grateful for it.

In this section, we’ll go over the two ways you can answer calls on your beautiful smartwatches.

So, without further ado…


Answering Calls With Bluetooth

One way to answer calls, and carry out some other actions on your smartwatches is to connect them with your phone’s Bluetooth.

Here are the simple steps you can take to start answering calls without having to hold your phones in your hands:

  • Unpack and assemble your smartwatch;
  • Download a compatible app to sync the watch with your phone. You can do this by checking for one on the watch and scanning the app’s QR Code;
  • Install the app on your phone (whether Android or iPhone);
  • Launch the app, once installed, and pair with your smartwatch;
  • Make sure the Bluetooth connection allows for audio and calls;
  • Go to the syncing app and grant the smartwatch access to your phone’s contact data;
  • Enjoy making, answering calls, and replying to texts on your smartwatch.


Can I Leave my Smartwatches at Home After Connecting?

No, you can’t.

Your smartwatches should be at least 30 feet (that’s 10 meters) away from your phone after connecting to your phone’s Bluetooth.

Once you fall outside the proximity of your smartwatch’s Bluetooth, it automatically disconnects. And, it would be impossible to make or receive calls with the watch.

So, it’d be best to have your phone on you at all times to keep your watch connected to your phone’s Bluetooth.

Answering Calls Without a Bluetooth Connection

With a lot of other smartwatches, you do not even need a Bluetooth connection to answer calls.

These kinds are standalone smartwatches. And as you can guess from their name, these watches are cellular network-enabled. They can “stand alone.”

All you’ll need to get them working is a compatible sim card to insert into their provided slots.

The sim card feature doesn’t only allow you to make and receive calls. You can also connect them to the internet, and stream music online.


To activate and install a sim card on your smartwatch;

  • Contact a network provider for activation. These sims would typically require activation when you buy from the market;
  • Turn off your smartwatch if on;
  • Open the sim card slot. This could be by the side of or under the watch;
  • Insert your new sim;
  • Replace the battery, if necessary;
  • Turn on your smartwatch;
  • Set up your sim card security;
  • Go ahead and start using your sim to make and receive your calls.



Can Standalone Smartwatches Work Without a Sim Card?

Yes, they can. But, making calls, receiving them, and accessing the internet would be impossible.

Like normal smartwatches, they’ll still tell you the time, track your activities and monitor your health. But, nothing more!

Can Smartwatches Work Without A Phone in Sight?

Yes, some smartwatches can work without your phone. These kinds of smartwatches, as I mentioned earlier, are known as standalone smartwatches. As their name suggests, these watches can “stand-alone,” without you having to connect them to your phone’s Bluetooth.

These types of smartwatches make use of a sim card, those tiny little chips you insert into your mobile phones. And, you can use them to answer, make calls, receive and reply to text messages.

Some smartwatches are even internet-enabled and you can use them to stream music online and/or surf the net.


So, can you answer calls on a smartwatch?

Absolutely! You can even do so much more than just answer calls. You can make them, reply to texts, access the internet, and even stream music online.

All you just have to do to make this possible is connect the smartwatch to your mobile’s Bluetooth. If the watch is mobile network-enabled, you only just have to insert a sim card.

If you couldn’t do this before, now you know what to do. Enjoy your smartwatch to the fullest!

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