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Do smart watches emit radiation?
Do smart watches emit radiation?

Smart watch radiation test:

Here is an example of a Nutshell smart watch! Turn on the flight mode of the Nutshell watch, and put the head of the radiation detector close to the smart watch. During the monitoring process, we still operate the watch. After one minute, we read the value.

Nutshell smart watch: Airplane mode Max 2 Turn on the wifi of the Nutshell smart watch and connect to the company's wireless network, because the Nuoshell watch has not yet implemented the Internet access functions such as web pages or Weibo, we can only switch the watch to the real-time weather interface , then click the Update button so the watch can "go online".

Nutshell smart watch: connect to wifi max 217 Finally, connect the watch to the smart watch through Bluetooth, so that the mobile phone and the watch can synchronize information through Bluetooth, we click the time synchronization of the mobile phone application GWatch to make the phone and the watch Bluetooth communication, and then detect radiation peaks during communication.

Three test results: Comparison of the maximum transmission power of the nutshell smart watch (unit: microwatts/square centimeter) Airplane mode: 2 Connected to wifi: 217 Connected to Bluetooth: 161.


1、The radiation value of smart watches and smartphones when using wifi network is 80-100 times larger than when not using wireless network, and there is no case of tens of thousands of times.

2、When the smart watch and smart phone are connected with Bluetooth, although the radiation generated is not as large as when connected to the wifi network, the peak value exceeds the standard secondary area, and the radiation safety cannot be ignored.

3、Although the smart watch is small in size, the internal structure is very similar to that of a mobile phone, and the radiation situation is almost comparable to that of a smartphone. Therefore, users are reminded to carefully understand the radiation situation of the product and their ability to accept radiation before wearing it, such as pregnant women. Perfect for wearing smart watches.

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