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Does movement really matter that much
Does movement really matter that much

While modern advances make our lives easier, they have also caused us to become more sedentary. Several negative health consequences have been linked to spending time in sedentary behaviors, which leads some to ask,” Is sitting the new smoking?” Researchers increasingly test interventions to promote all-day movement to encourage people to move more. But, is movement truly important?


In a review of 13 studies examining sitting time and activity levels, researchers found that sitting for more than eight hours a day without physical activity increased the risk of death similar to smoking and obesity.  However, some researchers claim that moderate physical activity - 60 to 75 minutes a day - is beneficial for combating the effects of long periods of sitting.

How to best sedentary lifestyle

According to research, you must exercise every 90 minutes if you want to shift your energy levels. It is crucial for you to manage your energy if you wish to keep your mind sharp and productive. Regardless of what you choose, just make some steps. You can get up and walk around, take the stairs, go to a coffee shop for a break, or do anything else that suits you. With Uwinmo smartwatches, there is the possibility to schedule a smart reminder to notify you when 90 minutes have passed. If you have other preferences, you can simply change the time period between the alerts.


A Uwinmo smartwatch does more than track your steps, or alert you when to move - it also tracks your calories in and calories out, and your daily activity levels. It also tracks your heart rate, sleep, and other vital signs.


Movement reminder as a smartwatch feature

Now, a variety of smartwatches and fitness trackers include a movement reminder. In recent years, smartwatches have gained mass appeal due to their portability, ease of use, and personalized insights. A smartwatch is loved due to its features and ease of use. Smartwatches from Uwinmo offer a wide range of health-related features.


In addition to the notifications you receive on your wrist, Uwinmo's smartwatches have their own specific features. For example, with Uwinmo smartwatches, you are offered a smart reminder, which is one of the best features. You can customize the reminder for things that matter to you. The watch will vibrate when it is time to remind you of things that are important to you.


The biggest advantage of Uwinmo's smart reminder is that it isn't just useful for movement reminders. Other fitness trackers also offer the option of a movement reminder, but when it comes to the reminder offered by Uwinmo’s devices the context of the reminder is vaster. If you want to drink more water, stay active, take mindfulness breaks during the day, or call someone, the smart reminder can do them all. The smart reminder included in Uwinmo's smartwatches may just be your new best friend.


Make the most of your daily movement

Speed up the pace

Modest aerobic activity, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is anything that makes your heart beat faster. This means any activity you do as part of your daily routine can qualify as exercise if you speed it up or make it more intense.


It helps you burn more calories and strengthen your legs when you walk faster, even if it's just to your car. Perhaps you can also do your errands outside your house on foot, or even walk to work and forget about the car. Move faster to get the most out of your movements.

Boost the beat

You can gain more benefit from the movements you make by increasing the speed at which you perform them. When you walk or exercise while listening to music, you can benefit more from them. You can also increase your speed by listening to alert-beat music. While exercising, you work harder when the music is between 120 and 140 beats per minute (bpm).


Smartwatches come with various features and benefits, including a movement reminder, fitness tracking, and many more. Uwinmo smartwatches include those features, but also a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, activity monitor, blood oxygen level monitors, blood pressure monitors, breathing guidance, water consumption reminders, and female-specific health features. These functions allow users to track your health and vital signs.


In order to live a healthy life, you should keep active and move. To become more active is to improve your quality of life. Exercise and sports are not the only ways to stay active, but also add more movement to your daily routine. A smartwatch such as the ones offered by Uwinmo that include a smart reminder for movement or drinking water may be your next best friend.

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