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Fall Detection Watch

Fall detection smartwatches are those that automatically identify falls and call or send a message or email to an emergency number via SOS. This means that if you wear it, the fall alert smartwatch will automatically detect a severe fall and dial the number.

Of course, you need to save your emergency numbers and email them to the watch in advance. This could be your family, nursing home staff, or health care staff at a health management company. At the same time, the person’s location can also be sent to ambulance workers and family members through GPS location.

Detection smartwatches can connect to the Internet via Wifi, Bluetooth, or 4G cellular, making calls or calling the ambulance. Depends on the plan of the health management company. uWinmo also could do OEM/ODM customization based on your needs.

Falls are detected by accelerometers and gyroscopes, sensors that detect the user’s daily activities and sense the movement of the fall. Built into the smartwatch PCBA, an accelerometer measures the change in your speed, or RPM, divided by time. Think about how the orientation of your screen changes when you change the position of your smartphone. This is accelerometer technology in action! According to life Sciences, a gyroscope is a device that uses the earth’s gravity to help determine direction. Working together, the two apps can effectively detect falls among the elderly.

Of course, in addition to hardware, an accurate fall algorithm is also critical. In addition, the firmware display inside the smartwatch can also make it easier and convenient for users to use. The combination of hardware, algorithm, and software makes it possible to make high-precision fall monitoring, which is why many fall-monitoring smartwatches on the market have significant errors.

The Apple Watch, for example, senses that the user is tied to a smartwatch and gives you the option to choose whether you’re ok or to call emergency services. If there is no activity for more than 60 seconds, it automatically calls emergency services for help and sends your location to your emergency contact. Getting help quickly in these emergencies is often the key to saving someone’s life.

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