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Features of the top 10 smartwatches
Features of the top 10 smartwatches

What features do the top 10 smartwatches have? Let's take a closer look at what smartwatches can do.

  1. Mobile payment

The first big feature users see on smartwatches is mobile payments. In today's society, with the popularity of mobile payment, this function is particularly important. And smartwatches with this feature also stand out, because it is more convenient to pay with a watch than a traditional mobile phone.

  1. Supervise children

One of the early killer features of smartwatches was helping parents keep track of their kids. The reason is simple: Parents want some way to stay connected with their kids throughout the day, and they're willing to pay for technology.

  1. Convenient public transportation

In the Chinese market, one of the biggest functions of smartwatches is to make all kinds of public transportation smoother. Imagine, when you walk to the gate of the train station, the user shakes the smart watch on the wrist to scan, and then you can enter the train station.

  1. Identify

At the gym: The user completes the scan with the fitness tracker and enters the gym. Once the user steps on the treadmill, it is automatically recognized and the treadmill broadcasts the user's favorite content and TV channels.

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