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How do you choose a waterproof watch?
How do you choose a waterproof watch?

If you want to wear your watch or smartwatch in the shower or when swimming, you're looking for a waterproof watch. The ATM or IP certification indicates how waterproof a watch is. We say the watch is waterproof if it has at least ATM certification 5 or IP certification X8. In that case, you can swim with it. Do you want to do water sports or go diving? You'll need a better water resistance.

Choose a waterproof watch

It can be difficult to choose a waterproof smartwatch of watch, because the words 'waterproof' and 'water resistant' are being used interchangeably. Always check the ATM or IP certification. We say a watch is waterproof if you can shower or swim with it. You can do this when:

  • The watch has an IP certification X8.
  • The watch has an ATM certification 5.

Water resistance IP certification

Some watches have been IP tested. This test indicates the dust and water resistance of the watch. The disadvantage of this test is that it doesn't include water pressure. That's why we recommend you to now go snorking or diving with the watch, unless it's specifically indicated. The IP classification works with 2 numbers. The first one indicates the dust resistance, the second one the water resistance. This means we're looking at the second number.

  • IPX6: you can wear it in the rain
  • IPX7: you can submerge it shortly, you can wear it while you wash your hands
  • IPX8: waterproof, you can wear it while swimming and in the shower

Water resistance ATM certification

The level of water resistance is often expressed in ATM (atmosphere). Check per classification to see how waterproof a watch is exactly:

  • 3 ATM: splash proof, you can wear it during rain
  • 5 ATM: waterproof, you can wear it in the shower and while swimming
  • 10 ATM: you can wear it during snorkling and high-speed water sports
  • 20 ATM: you can wear it while diving up to 30m deep
  • 100 ATM: you can wear it while deep-sea diving

Enjoy your waterproof watch for long

Even though waterproof watches are suitable for swimming, there are a couple other things you can keep in mind to enjoy your waterproof watch for longer.

  1. Salt water is less good than fresh water. Rinse your watch thoroughly after contact with salt water.
  2. Differences in temperature can cause condensation. This is often temporarily, but sometimes it isn't. Try to avoid temperature differences as much as possible.
  3. Some smartwatches have a water button that prevents droplets from staying on your glass. Thanks to this, you can also read data during your swimming session.


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