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How parents know where their children are
How parents know where their children are

Download and install the app. Generally, when buying a child positioning watch, it will be equipped with a QR code, which can be downloaded by scanning it. Open the app and use the "Add Device" function in it to add a device. After adding it, let the child wear the watch and walk around, and you can click the avatar on the homepage of the app to check the child's location. Button function: Press and hold the function button for 3 seconds to trigger the SOS alarm, parents will receive a distress call, and the app will also receive a distress message. The function keys can also hang up the phone and turn off the alarm. The phone key can also answer calls and turn off alarms. After lightly pressing the function key to enter the phonebook, press the phone key or function key (equivalent to the up and down buttons) to find the phone contact, and then long press the phone key to dial out the number. About positioning: GPS positioning, positioning accuracy of 10 meters. When tracking and positioning the child, if the child is in an outdoor open area, the GPS positioning will be turned on first. WIFI positioning, positioning accuracy of 20 meters. When tracking and positioning the child, if the child is in a place with poor GPS signal (indoors or outdoors with dense tall buildings and trees), WIFI positioning will be turned on. Base station positioning, positioning accuracy of 50 to 200 meters. When tracking and positioning the child, if the GPS signal is not good and there is no WIFI signal, turn on the base station positioning. Charging method If you have purchased it, please use the matching data cable to charge, and confirm that the metal pins are in good contact with the charging interface. The battery icon changes continuously during charging to indicate that it is charging.

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