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How to choose a children’s watch
How to choose a children’s watch

With the popularity of smart watches, they occupy a larger and larger position in life, and smart watches are not only limited to adult watches, but also begin to enter children's watches and elderly watches. Because of their liveliness, activeness, and low strength, children have more requirements for smart watches than adults. When facing children, parents not only need to keep in touch with their children from time to time, but also need to keep track of their children's itineraries in real time. When children encounter danger, it is also necessary to issue an emergency call in time. But there are many types of smart watches on the market, so how should you choose a smart watch? Here are some tips.

  1. Security

The safety of children's smart watches includes two aspects, one is its own quality and safety, and the other is the safety guarantee it provides.

The quality and safety of smart watches include the safety of the model, the safety of the battery quality, the safety of the whole machine, which also includes the performance of the buttons, the waterproof test, etc. It also includes the safety of the wristband and the safety of the wristband. On the one hand, the performance includes whether the watch's dial and strap links are stable, and whether there is a perspiration groove design. On the other hand, including the material of the wristband, some wristbands can be harmful to children's health.

The security guarantee is to see whether it supports the three major satellite positioning (Beidou, GPS, GLONASS) and base station positioning, WiFi positioning and other auxiliary functions.

  1. Anti-lost

The kinetic energy of the smart watch to prevent getting lost is generally realized by the two modes of GPS positioning and Bluetooth positioning.

GPS positioning: The GPS chip transmits the child's geographic location information to the server, and parents can obtain relevant information through their mobile phones.

Bluetooth positioning: This function needs to be paired with the parent's mobile phone. When the child is far away from the parent and the Bluetooth is disconnected, the mobile phone will send a notification alarm.

GPS positioning can check the child's location information in real time, regardless of whether the child is within a certain range, while Bluetooth positioning is limited to a certain safe range. When the child leaves the safe range, the child's location information can no longer be viewed.

  1. Battery

Compared with adult watches, children's watches need to pay more attention to battery life. Generally speaking, the longer the battery life, the better. In addition, the charging speed also needs attention. Products with faster charging speed have more advantages. In addition, there is the problem of battery life.

  1. Other functions

In the call function, you need to pay attention to the strength of the signal, and you also need to pay attention to some additional functions, such as the encyclopedia function (which can assist children in learning), the motor function (help children exercise), and so on.

When using a smart watch, the screen size, resolution and screen brightness are all important factors. The brightness can be automatically adjusted to the best, and the screen display is the best.

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