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How to choose a comfortable smartwatch
How to choose a comfortable smartwatch

Smart wearable products have been updated rapidly in recent years, especially smart watches. Many people choose a smart watch for themselves to improve their quality of life. The focus of different smart watches is different. Some want to be a reminder to summarize various notifications, and some want to be your personal fitness trainer. Of course, the bigger ambition is to replace smartphones, so how to find the correct What about the most comfortable smartwatch? Consumers' diversification and requirements for smart wearable products are more beautiful and refined. Silicone is difficult to personalize, the skin fit is too good, it is easy to be allergic to the skin, and the disadvantages of easy tactile fatigue are gradually falling out of favor. Due to the low cost of silicone, it is still in use in the low-end smartwatch market. So what are the advantages of using TPE materials for smart watches?

This mainly refers to the fit of the strap to the wrist. A watch that doesn't fit on your wrist, no matter how powerful it is, is not satisfactory. You can measure the wrist circumference to choose a suitable strap according to the strap data provided by the merchant, and also look at the material of the strap and so on.

Each manufacturer has different product requirements. Usually, the hardness of smart watch materials is generally 50A-80A. The softest TPU is 70A, and the softest TPE can be 0A-100A, so TPE feels softer than TPU, and it is more comfortable to wear on the hand. TPE material is the best choice. TPE material is non-toxic and harmless. TPE material is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly elastomer material, so don't worry.

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