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How to choose a watch face for your smart watch
How to choose a watch face for your smart watch

When choosing a smart watch, we need to follow the buying logic and steps. Start with watch specs and materials that directly affect comfort, and then start with deeper sensors and systems. So today, follow the footsteps of the editor to see How to choose a watch face for your smart watch!


Due to the influence of traditional watches, many smart watches have appeared in a circle. Early watch movements were basically round, so it was natural to make the watch into this shape.

Aesthetically, the hands in the watch all rotate around the center of the circle. The three-dimensional and rounded silhouette can make most people feel more beautiful and comfortable, and it will also give people a sense of visual familiarity. Often used for daily travel or business activities.


The straight frame is just flush with the palm joint, which can better fit the wrist structure design, and will not hurt the wrist due to accidental impact during exercise. Another plus is that it's small for a better fit on the arm. There is no prominent outline, and it is not easy to affect the movement of the wrist joint. Suitable for sports people.

For the choice of dial, it mainly depends on the occasion of use. For those who buy sports watches, it is more appropriate to choose a square dial that is conducive to viewing data. For people who want to travel every day, looking good is the first priority. It is more appropriate to choose a circular dial that can bring people a comfortable vision.

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