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How to choose the right smartwatch strap for you
How to choose the right smartwatch strap for you

From the perspective of durability, tungsten steel belt has the highest hardness and is not easy to wear, but it is relatively brittle and is afraid of severe impact. The hardness of the steel strip is slightly lower, but the toughness is high. The belt will age and become brittle and hard when it encounters long-term corrosion by sweat or chemicals. But the belt is softer, lighter and more comfortable to wear. The categories of smartwatch straps are as follows:

  • Precious metal strap: expensive and meticulous in workmanship.
  • Steel chain strap: moderate price, complete range of high and low grades. Its advantages are durable, rugged, and sporty. The main disadvantage is that some skins can cause allergies, the strap is not easy to clean, and it is easy to hide dirt.
  • Leather straps: There are many types, and the price difference is very different. Wearing comfort is its advantage. The main disadvantage is that it is susceptible to moisture, difficult to maintain, and not durable.
  • Canvas or nylon straps: cheap, mainly used for military watches and sports watches. Absorbs water and is prone to odor.
  • Plastic strap: The price is mainly matched with electronic fashion watch. The pattern design is diverse and colorful.
  • Silicone rubber strap: mainly used for waterproof and diving watches. Silicone rubber has physical properties, non-toxic, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, elasticity, and easy maintenance.

The straps of smart watches are made of various materials and have different combinations for different occasions. If you wear more formal clothes, you can choose a strap made of leather. If you are a fitness enthusiast, choose a smart watch strap with adhesive tape is more suitable for you.



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