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How to connect a children’s watch to a mobile phone
How to connect a children’s watch to a mobile phone

Nowadays, the development of children's smart watches is more and more mature, and parents also need to master their children's itinerary and safety. So more and more children wear smart watches. However, many users have doubts about how the watch connects to the phone. So let me teach you how to connect a children's watch.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the children's watch and insert the sim card;
  2. Scan the QR code provided on the user guide according to the requirements of the children's watch;
  3. Click to download the APP;
  4. Find the file to open, and click Install;
  5. The installation is successful, and the "registration" starts to use;
  6. Then connect the children's mobile phone to the mobile phone. First, you need to enter your mobile phone number to log in. With the verification code, the member who logs in for the first time will become the administrator of the watch. Members who are later bound to their mobile phones need to be given a SMS verification code by the administrator to pass.

Children's issues are a very hot topic all over the world. Every year, countries will formulate some corresponding measures for the safety of children, but it is still impossible to avoid the occurrence of problems such as lost children. With the rise of wearable devices, children's smart watches are also rising in the market tide.

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