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How to improve battery life on your smartwatch
How to improve battery life on your smartwatch

A smartwatch has become an all in one gadget for everyone. It can serve as an alarm clock, pedometer, health and fitness tracker, social hub and more. One needs to have their smartwatch with them all day, every day. It is gradually moving towards becoming an essential item.


Like every other gadget, you would want your smartwatch to have long-running battery life. There might be a difficulty for people to find a charging dock if they travel to remote places. Smartwatches come in handy when one is travelling especially if one likes to go on trekking trips. Therefore, one would want their devices to not run out of charge too soon.

Smartwatches come with long battery life as they are incorporated with the best possible technology.The users would still like to use it for long hours without facing any hassle or discrepancy. Charging your smartwatch at frequent intervals can become both tiresome and annoying and therefore, we have listed a few ways in which the user can improve the battery life on their smartwatch-


Brightness- Brightness of any device takes up its significant battery portion. It should be adjusted according to one’s vision and preference. If the brightness is increased, it takes up more battery. However, if it’s kept at a low or moderate level, it can help save the battery life of your smartwatch.


Heart Rate Monitor- Smartwatches that come with a 24-hour heart monitoring feature run out of their batteries faster than those which don’t. This feature could be turned off in the smartwatch to extend its battery life.


Turn Off Notifications- One should turn off notifications for apps that do not need constant monitoring and attention. Unwanted notifications could also take up a significant portion of your battery.


Cut background activity- You could cut down background activity or shut certain apps in order to save/ extend the battery life of your smartwatch. Use only the necessary ones and use the smartwatch for longer hours without facing any hassle.


Try a different watch face- Some watch faces consume more battery than the others. Therefore, you should try using a watch face which is less bright and uses less colours. The ones with interactive abilities or animations consume more power than the others.


Check battery life and usage- Monitoring the battery life and the apps that take up the most battery can give you a clear picture of where you need to cut down on your battery usage.


Uninstall unwanted apps- Only using the necessary and beneficial apps and avoiding unnecessary ones can help save battery life.


Limit your usage- This may come as the last option but one should try limiting the use of their smartwatch to improve the battery life. Try using limited no. of apps while using it or one can take off the smartwatch for a particular time of the day.


Battery life definitely plays an important deciding factor while buying any gadget. One would want to use their device without facing any hassle or distortion. Long battery life means that the user can even take their smartwatches everywhere without having to carry a power bank or having to look for a switchboard nearby.


We hope that the above-listed measures will help in securing and improving the battery life of your smartwatch. Smartwatches like any other device should be used for the right number of hours and should be handled with care for it to last and give you the ultimate user experience. Technology is a boon only when it is used in the right manner.

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