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How to maintain a smart watch
How to maintain a smart watch

Have you ever had such troubles that the watch you just bought gets dirty after wearing it for a few days, that is because you haven't maintained the watch yet, and then I will teach you how to maintain the smart watch.

  • Clean your smart watch regularly, especially when you are exercising, sweating, or when your skin comes in contact with soap or detergent and other substances that may get on the inside of the watch, you should clean it regularly.
  • For spots or stains that are not easy to remove, please scrub with a damp soft brush.
  • If the smart watch that is not worn for a long time is stored, it is best to place a desiccant in the place where the watch is placed. It should be charged and run for a short period of time every month to ensure the normal operation of the watch.
  • Pay attention to the maintenance of the watch screen and avoid contact with sharp objects.

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