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How to use smart watch
How to use smart watch

How to use smart wacth?

Step 1.

The first thing is to charge it. After charging, press and hold the power button, the brand logo will appear on the screen;

Step 2.

After power on, select the language, and then it will prompt to turn on [Mobile Bluetooth], click [Start Matching] on the mobile phone, a blue animation will appear;

Step 3.

Open the watch app on the phone and select [Start Matching], automatic matching or manual matching. Download the official watch app first. After downloading, install it on your phone and run the watch APP. Then turn on Bluetooth on both your watch and your phone, and your watch will automatically install the Baidu Watch software. If you don't like it, you can uninstall it directly, so don't worry. After the download is complete, you can choose the following two ways to open the watch terminal:

The first:twist the wrist (this is more convenient, just twist it.).

The second:directly click "Open the watch application" on the interface.

Step 4.

After matching, follow the system prompts to set up various information, and the watch can be used; other brands of smart watches can download exclusive applications through the mobile phone, connect with the mobile phone using Bluetooth, and enter data on the mobile phone. Then wait for the synchronization between the phone and the watch to complete.

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