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Hybrid smartwatch looks like a traditional watch but functions as a smartwatch. The watch looks like a stylish and classic design that makes it almost impossible to know your wrist with a smart technology watch. Hybrid smartwatch usually without a touch screen, and will have a little separate for you to check notifications like a message, calls, social media, etc…
Typically, hybrid smart watches have built-in Bluetooth connectivity that can be used to connect to your smartphone via an app. This App can be compatible with iOS and Android system that allows you download in App store. No matter what kind of smartphone you use, you could use the App with your hybrid smart watch.
In short, hybrid smartwatches combine traditional mechanical watch design with modern smartwatch technology to track health, send notifications, monitor your heart rate, and more.
1. Your fitness best companion
If you are a sports enthusiast, it is crucial to maintain a proper and regular training schedule and goals.
As you exercise with your hybrid smartwatch, it tracks your calories burned, steps taken, and distance traveled, and you can see the results of your workouts that day in real-time. You can also set your weekly and monthly exercise goals, and your hybrid smartwatch will remind you when to start exercising and give you rewards when you reach your goals. This makes it fun. APP will create a more professional plan for you according to your exercise results to maximize the return on exercise investment.
2. Your wellness protector
If you wear a hybrid smartwatch that monitors your heart rate in real-time, the latest feature also monitors oxygen saturation and body temperature, which is also helpful for the Coronavirus prevention. At the same time, you wear a hybrid smartwatch at night and turn on the sleep monitoring function, and you can even use it to monitor your sleep, such as the duration and quality of your sleep cycle.
Proper exercise can also improve sleep quality, so combining the two can help you maximize your sleep schedule to get as much quality rest as possible. The App charts your daily, weekly, and monthly progress to get an accurate picture of your sleep and activity.
3. Your daily life assistant
Inside Hybrid smartwatch also have Bluetooth, which enables you to connect with your smartphone.
After your watch connects with your cellphone, then all notifications from your cellphone can be a check on your Hybrid smart watch, such as email, calls, social media notifications, messages. Never miss any important call or message anymore.
4. Change the straps for different outfits and occasions.
You can quickly change the look of a hybrid smartwatch. For example, most of the uWinmo smartwatches have the freedom to change the strap, and it’s easy to personalize your look as much as you want.
Each of our watches is designed to make it easy for you to transform and create multiple looks throughout the day, and we’ve created these mash-up straps so you can ideally create the look you want. Generally speaking, smartwatches have silicone, leather, and steel bands.

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