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Is There A Way To Fix A Broken Smartwatch
Is There A Way To Fix A Broken Smartwatch

Smartwatches have skyrocketed to fame surprisingly fast. The sales revenue of wearables is all set to rise to 73 billion dollars by 2022. With this popularity, a variety of new smartwatch options are popping up. As manufacturers add more features, are they making smartwatches more repairable as well?

Much like smartphones, getting broken smartwatches fixed can be a hassle. We’re here to tell you it’s not as hard as you may think!


To fix a smartwatch you first have to identify the problem which includes a series of steps. However, many smartwatch companies are making the process even easier. In most cases, replacing the batteries may do the trick alone, and if it doesn’t, then try restarting it a couple of times to eliminate the possibility of a software error.

How To Fix A Broken Smartwatch?

Is your smartwatch malfunctioning? Fixing it yourself can be a good option. Here’s a step by step guide on how to approach a broken smartwatch:


Step 1: Troubleshooting The Problem With Your Smartwatch

Smartwatches are practically a more portable version of smartphones. This can make them susceptible to a whole range of issues. The first step is to troubleshoot your broken smartwatch to get to the root of the problem. Sometimes, the fix can be deceptively simple.

Here are some common smartwatch issues that you may be facing:

Battery And Charging Issues

Smartwatch Charger


Smartwatch won’t charge properly

Smartwatch doesn’t turn on

The battery drains really quickly.

Performance of the smartwatch is declining

Voice Control Issues

Voice Control


The smartwatch does not respond to voice commands.

Smartwatch hears words wrong

Touchscreen Issues

Smartwatch Touchscreen

Step 2: Try Various Fixes

Now you’ve narrowed down all the issues with your smartwatch. After troubleshooting, you can move on to the repair phase. Sometimes, there can be more than one way to get your smartwatch working. Here are some common fixes for the aforementioned issues:

Fixing Battery And Charging Issues

There can be many underlying reasons for battery and charging issues. If your smartwatch won’t charge properly, you can try changing the adapter or power source. Sometimes the charger may be the issue. You can try a new charger and see its performance. The last resort would be to get the battery replaced.

Fixing Voice Control Issues

Having faulty voice control can be frustrating. Sometimes, the issues are caused by too much background noise. Experiment with low levels of background noise and different volume levels. If your watch still has bad voice control, the problem may be deeper. Ultimately, you can always utilize the touch controls to do most things.


Fixing Touchscreen Issues

Exposure to water and accidents can damage your touchscreen. The touchscreen is the primary mode of control. Permanent damage to it can render your smartwatch unusable. The first thing you can ensure is that your touchscreen is clean. Clean up the touchscreen and try using it again.


Step 3: Consult Smartwatch Support Centre Or Manufacturer (Optional)

Support Centre


While some repairs are quite easy to perform, others can be a bit tricky. You may even end up damaging the watch more. If all else fails, you can always reach out to the support center for your smartwatch. Most brands have websites with repair guides to help you with common problems as well.


You can engage with the community and ask for tips you haven’t tried. If the issue is beyond your understanding, you can email or call the support center. If your device has a warranty, you may be able to exchange or get it repaired from the brand. Make sure you learn as much as you can about the smartwatch suppliers you order from. This can help you avoid problems in the future.


Commonly Asked Questions About Smartwatch Repair

Smartwatch issues can leave many users stumped. Read on to get the answers to the most commonly asked smartwatch repair questions.

What To Do When Smartwatch Won’t Charge?

So you’ve plugged in your smartwatch, expecting it to charge as usual. But wait, what’s that? Your smartwatch isn’t charging! Here are some things you can do to fix it:


Make sure that your adapter is not faulty. Try plugging in other devices to check their performance.

Ensure that the charger you are using is not damaged. Try other chargers to diagnose the issue.

Try restarting your watch and charging it again.


How To Fix Smartwatch Battery Drain?

Your smartwatch battery may be running out well before its intended time. Here’s how you can optimize its performance:


Some watches are always showing the time. This means the display is always on. Set the display settings to turn off while the watch is not being used.

Video watch faces can take up a lot of battery life. Try using a simpler watch face to conserve battery.

A brighter screen takes more battery. Lower your screen brightness to maximize use and minimize battery wastage.

Block and notifications that are unnecessary.

Uninstall apps that may be using up the battery in the background.

Some watches give a detailed look into battery usage information. You can analyze which applications take the most battery life.


Final Thoughts

Smartwatches may have been difficult to repair in the past but they are evolving. Their popularity is pushing manufacturers to boost the user-serviceability of these wearables. You no longer have to run to the repair shop for small issues. So, if your smartwatch is worse for wear, use our in-depth guide to fix it right up.

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