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Pebble Time Round Smartwatch
Pebble Time Round Smartwatch

Simple and Stylish:

We all want smartwatches to actually look like watches, a typical smartwatch is always thick and Pebble is hoping to break that trend by making a watch that isn’t only sleek but incredibly fashionable.

The metal constructed round body is made splash resistant than rather fully waterproof so you’re not supposed to be submerging this watch into the water, as slim as it is, it still has enough space for buttons and since it’s Pebble you’re not going to get a touch screen here and there’s a microphone underneath the buttons on the right.

In order to install apps and watch faces on your Pebble, as well as get any sort of notification, you’ll need to pair the watch with a phone. Moreover, The Pebble round comes with some decent features, such as ‘Quiet Time’ if you’re in need of relaxation, an Alarm system, and a fitness tracking app.

Software-wise, Pebble is not like the rest of the big smartwatch names. Where Apple and Motorola use the software most people have heard of and big bright screens and offer limited battery life as a consequence.

However, the Pebble falls a bit short when it comes to software as only one fitness app is allowed to run at a time. Also the battery isn’t as durable as the previous models, and it is kind of expensive for what it is. Still, if you’re looking for a smartwatch that is as easy on the eye as it is easy to wear and also look stylish, the Pebble watch design is worthy of your attention.

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