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Precautions during the use of Wireless surveillance camera
Precautions during the use of Wireless surveillance camera
  1. When go out to travel in the home unattended
  2. When the home encounters a thief to need to obtain evidence
  3. The driving time
  4. When your kids or your parents home alone


If there is a monitoring camera at this time, through the network you can view the situation in the home in time, the police evidence only need to take out the video data, driving when no longer afraid to touch porcelain...... If a wireless surveillance camera appears, this is really, really great!

Surveillance camera has been widely used in Europe and the United States developed countries, for a lot of cases set a meritorious service! But in our side, due to the lack of safety protection measures, our potential theft is still very high. Petty theft is difficult to detect because there is no scene evidence.

So, we all really need a wireless surveillance camera to protect our privacy and provide police with on-the-spot evidence.We offer 720 and 1080 pixels.

Matters needing attention

  1. When installing the router and wireless camera, try not to partition the wall, otherwise the signal is weak
  2. It is recommended that the installation distance be within 10 meters of the router
  3. Not waterproof, waterproof measures are recommended

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