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Q12 Children Smartwatch Camera Baby Sos Tracker Anti Lost sim Bracelet Alarm Waterproof Phone Call Wrist Kids Smart Watch
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Q12 Children’s Smart Watch-Heart Rate Monitoring

Protect your health
All day
Using imported optical heart rate, combined with intelligent heart rate algorithm, accurate monitoring of heart rate, through scientifically quantified big data, check the heart rate curve every day to protect your physical and mental health.

Q12 kids smart watch with fitness tracker-strong encryption protection

Intelligent high-strength encryption algorithm protects your personal privacy and gives you a private and exclusive small world.
At the same time, the location of children can be located in real time, with electronic fence warning, SOS for help, multiple protections for children’s safety.

Q12 Children’s Smart Watch-Real-time Sync Push

Receiving all kinds of messages, mobile phones are synchronized, and messages in social applications such as SMS reminders/voice micro-chat and other social application messages are displayed simultaneously, and important information is not leaked.

Q12 children’s smart watch-equipped with high-quality chips

Equipped with high-quality MKT2502 chip and larger memory, it provides enough hardware support for the watch to make the watch run faster and more stable. Low power consumption design, 3-4 days of normal use, 7 days of standby, 10 hours of long battery life
7day typical usage pattern
10-hour exercise mode

Q12 Children’s Smart Watch-Multi-Scenario Application

UL selection
A variety of dynamic menu styles to meet your daily operating habits, easy to switch with one button, and customize your exclusive style
Classic Jiugongge Menu
Phone menu
Dynamic list menu

Q12 Decompression Gaming Smart Watch

Contains exquisite puzzle games, easy to learn, and relax at any time.

Q12 watch can be inserted into the card-custom dial push

In addition to the built-in dial, you can also push the pictures in your phone to the watch as a dial, and use your favorite pictures as the dial at will, choosing richer and easier to create your own unique dial.

Q12 Children’s Smart Watch-IP67 Waterproof

Applicable to more scenarios
Comply with the international IP67 waterproof standard, deep waterproof, worry-free wearing, you can wear the watch to wash your hands, rain, swim, and easily adapt to various environments.

Smart Watch Q12 For Fitness Tracker-multiple sports modes to meet different needs

Built-in four sports modes: outdoor running, walking, climbing, and indoor running, record your exercise status, put it on, and go for exercise!
Outdoor running
Indoor running

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