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Reliablity Testing at UWINMO

1.Low temperature testing

2.High temperaure testing

3.Salt spray testing

4.Drop testing

5.Discharging test

6.Charging test

Supply Chain Management

1.All raw material supplier selection is strictly based on our ISO system standard and have a deep understanding of the supplier. We will sign the quality guarantee agreement, stipulate the parts yield standard, if the parts are not up to the standard, they can be rejected and start the right of investigation.

2.Advocate long-term cooperation and win-win relationship, and maintain the cooperation with some suppliers from the beginning of the establishment of the company to the present.So that we could get quality and competitive price

3.We have electronics engineer to study the best supplier and choose the most suitable item. Our QC will follow the production line to guarrantee the lifespan and capacity

How UWINMO Guarrantee Your Advantage?

uwinmo is equipped with professional smart watch testing facilities, the company adheres to the vision of high quality and conducts the following reliability tests on all new models:

Self-discharge test at different temperatures

Over charge test

Over discharge test

Short circuit test

Heat shock test

Punch test

Pressure test

1.2M drop test

Nail penetration

High and low temperature discharge test

Discharge test at different C rate

Constant humility and temperature test

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