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Requirements for a good smartwatch in 2022
Requirements for a good smartwatch in 2022

After summarizing, there are the following five points


Good connectivity to the smartphone and self-sufficiency:

Smartwatches are to be used as an add-on to a smartphone. Therefore, they need to make certain functions easier or at least easily accessible. In addition, mobile phones benefit from the data that the smartwatch collects on the wrist. So the connection must be flawless and simple. There is also a certain degree of autonomy for tracking or multimedia functions. A smartwatch should be able to measure the distance via GPS while jogging and possibly even make calls on its own. An LTE module is an important prerequisite for this.

Ease of use:

How well and easily can the Smartwatch be operated? Are there mechanical operating options such as crowns or bezels or is the operating system also easy to operate via the touchscreen?

Vital Signs & Functions:

While all smartwatches can measure your pulse, there are many additional features. These include measuring your blood oxygen, blood pressure measurement, ECG features, and more. The more fitness features a watch offers, the better. Other features that are a basic requirement are telephony, music control, independent music playback, digital payments.

Quality and value:

Smartwatches can be prestige objects if you want them to be! High quality of workmanship including waterproofing and premium materials is another aspect you should pay attention to. Of course, it depends on how important these features are to you. Because as a rule, the price also increases with higher-quality materials.

Battery life:

A long battery life is an advantage when you have a watch on your arm. However, this feature doesn't come without its pitfalls. Some smartwatches offer super-long battery life, but are very thick and clunky in exchange for higher battery capacity. This is where you need to find the right -mAh- capacity for you!

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