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Smart watch screen performance
Smart watch screen performance

"The low screen resolution is not enough to display the details of the content."

The SmartWatch watch uses a 1.3-inch 128X128 resolution OLED multi-touch display, and this is one of the areas that Sony has not considered. As a wearable computing device in the form of a watch, the most reliant is the screen on the dial, and the 1.3-inch 128X128 resolution display screen is really unacceptable. Although it can be used when looking at some application icons, it involves When it comes to specific content, such as a slideshow to browse pictures in a mobile phone, it is simply unattractive. It is also a smart watch.

Although the size of Pebble is only 1.26 inches, the resolution reaches 144X168. More importantly, Pebble technology cleverly uses an electronic paper display screen, which gets rid of the embarrassment that watches like SmartWatch require too much display accuracy. . In addition, Sony entered the wearable computing field relatively early, and should have a forward-looking vision, rather than let it pass. When other manufacturers produce high-resolution products, they will passively follow.

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