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Smartwatch Features
Smartwatch Features

Smart watches have the following uses:

Use 1: Check the weather, time and daily needs such as alarm clock and stopwatch

Compared with traditional watches, in addition to basic functions such as date, clock, and timekeeping, smart watches can also check weather forecasts, report the air quality index of the day and other information closely related to daily life. In addition, traditional watches such as alarm clocks and stopwatches come standard with , of course, smart watches also have it, and all this can be viewed by simply raising your wrist, which is convenient at a glance.

Use 2: instant call

Connecting the mobile phone through the network is an important function to expand the smart watch. There are two types of smartwatches currently on the market. One is without the call function: it realizes multi-functions by connecting to a smartphone, and can synchronize calls, text messages, emails, photos, music, etc. in the mobile phone. For example, after the App Watch is connected to the iPhone, it also provides viewing and replying. Siri and other functions; another more powerful, with call function: supports inserting a SIM card, which is essentially a smart phone in the form of a watch; most of the market uses the Android system.

Use three: remote control photography

With the continuous advancement of technology, the camera function of today's smart phones has become more and more powerful, but apart from the upgrade of software and hardware, there is no more innovative and interesting photo experience, and the smart watch can freely place the mobile phone after connecting to the mobile phone. The location of the camera, taking photos from various angles, I used to suffer from limited viewing angles and missed the beautiful scenery, but now I will never have such regrets, and I don’t need to go out with a selfie stick, a smart watch can help you achieve it. .

Use four: health care, motion detection

The smart watch with built-in motion monitoring and sleep management functions can record the user's action data for a day. With the help of the watch's processing chip, it can accurately analyze the fat burning situation and health index, and provide data reference for fitness people. Help to get rid of sub-health state. Some targeted sports smart watches also monitor the conditions of the sports environment, such as altitude, direction, etc., to help sports better grasp the current environment.

Other predicted uses for smartwatches

With the development of technology, the functions of smart watches are also increasing. Looking ahead, more people are also predicting and looking forward to some of the features that smartwatches will have.

1. Payment function

The mobile payment revolution has grown in popularity with the advent of smartphone payments, but it seems more logical for a smartwatch to serve as this payment tool on our wrist than a smartphone. Apple Pay is already available in the US, and this year the service is coming to the UK. In addition, including Google Wallet and CurrentC system will also join this mobile payment war.

2. Control home

As long as you have a Nest thermostat in your home, you can use Pebble or Android Wear to control your home water heater. You can even start certain vehicles with your smartwatch. The smart home market is another area with a lot of potential, but it’s not yet fully explored. Tech companies want to be able to create smartwatches with killer apps. By the end, we'll soon be able to use smartwatches to control microwave ovens, turn lights on and off, monitor home security cameras, adjust indoor temperature and music settings, and more. The biggest response now is the "Works with Nest" system launched by Google's Nest, which can use Nest commands to control other similar devices.

3. Video chat

Watch video chat, in fact, when Apple launched the WatchKit developer tools for developers, a company called Glide has already started to develop such an application. And the company has already implemented this feature on Android Wear smartwatches. It's only a matter of time before the app arrives on Apple's smartwatches.

The expansion of the use of smart watches represents the progress of the times, and more uses are suggested and discovered by you, which will open up new visions for technology and life.

Smart watches are not very useful
Smart watches look cool and can indeed provide convenience to our lives, but many functions are not necessary, because most of the functions of mobile phones can be replaced.

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