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Smartwatches have become a popular electronic wrist tool for people. It displays not only time but also many functions to make healthcare more accessible and more innovative. So let’s take a look what the main advantages of having a smartwatch?
1. Not just tell you time
There are many lovers of the traditional watch because it will tell you time(but just time), Yes it is good to have a high-quality watch. I also love it.
However, when the smartwatch enters the market and becomes an everyday use consumer electronics, the watch becomes not as popular as before. Because smartwatch tells user time but lots more that user may be concerned, that is why in past years, mechanical watch sales decrease 50%.
2. Your best health carer
It will monitor your heart rate, Spo2, blood pressure, body temperature, social distance, sleeping for 24hours. Smartwatch is someone who knows better than yourself and doctors. Especially during Covid-19 keep social distancing is the most efficient way to prevent spreading. Body temperature and SPO2 also key signals to tell you are safe against the virus. Your health smartwatch takes care.
3. Mental healthcare
Not only for physical health but also Stress level, fatigue monitoring is essential for mental health. And can remind you to do breath training and light music to release pressure. It also could automatically send a reminder to doctors or families.
4. Daily life assistant
Not only for daily activity tracking like step counting, calorie consumption. But also sedentary reminder, alarm clock, female cycle reminder.
5. Your best companion for sports
GPS smartwatch will be a good choice if you are an outdoor sports lover. It will guide you directly without bringing your cellphone. It will speak out where you need to change your direction and connect with your friends all the time. Also, a way to keep safe during Hiking. For indoor sports, it has different sports modes for professional training and guide, such as swimming, basketball, running, dancing, cycling, Hiking, gym, football, badminton, tennis, Yoga, etc…
6. Find cellphone or other devices easier
Image if you want to go outside but can’t find your cellphone or keys, this is a depressing thing. But with a smartwatch, you could find your cellphone or keys in a second. Just one keypress, you will find your device, simple like this.
7. Never miss any important calls or message
Bluetooth connection with your cellphone, so any calls or messages you will receive with your smartwatch. You could take a call or reply message immediately even your cellphone is not near you. Or if you are doing sports, you could reply to your friends or customer by voice to not miss any important news.
8. Get social media notifications
Social media becomes a part of our lives, and everyone wants to connect with our social media. Especially if you are an online seller, you make SEO marketing or Ads by social media, so you must get notifications in real-time even you are outside for sports, so this will be an excellent function for you.
9. Smartwatch is a replacement for a cellphone
Wear OS or Android intelligent operation system will be a 100% independent smartphone. Can freely call or message anywhere & anytime with Bluetooth connected with your phone. What’s more, you could download any software; you could see a movie or check Facebook, Tiktok freely with a smartwatch. This is a fantastic thing, isn’t it?
10. Longer working time than a smartphone
With a small smartwatch, one-time charging can use for 3-30days based on how often you use it. But usually can use one week at least. If you could see our professional smartwatch, we even can use it for over 40days. But cellphone needs to charge one time a day.

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