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Smartwatch OS and Apps
Smartwatch OS and Apps

"Complex pairing and application installation operations increase the user's learning cost."

"Complex pairing and application installation operations increase the user's learning cost." The first thing the user does after getting the watch is not to use the watch, but to complete the pairing of the mobile phone and the watch through Bluetooth, and this pairing is another Extremely embarrassing thing. First, the user needs to download an application called Smart Connect (not required for mobile phone users), then turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, and search for the device. When the watch is turned off, press and hold the power until a refresh icon appears on the screen. Sync interface to complete pairing. The problem with many tutorials on the Internet lies in this step. If the user releases the power button after turning it on, the pairing will not be completed until death.

After completing the pairing, we also have to install the app called SmartWatch for the phone, and then open the Smart Connect (or Smart Connect) app, in the SmartWatch (or Smart Watch) item in the device, download the app and group for the watch After downloading the corresponding program and components, we can operate the corresponding functions in the watch.

After a lot of troubles, users can officially start to experience SmartWatch, but this series of tedious steps is likely to make many people complain and avoid such new products. And this is where adjustments need to be made in the later development and design of wearable computing devices, and this learning cost should not be borne by consumers.

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