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Smartwatch Warranty Coverage
Smartwatch Warranty Coverage

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

  1. The service life of the battery;
  2. Normal wear and tear, such as: scratches on the surface, color changes, non-metallic materials (such as leather, fiber and rubber) watch straps or bracelets
  3. Caused by abnormal use, abuse, carelessness, negligence, accident (bump, knock, crush, surface damage and others), improper use, non-compliance with the instructions provided by the brand Any damage to any part of the watch;
  4. Any indirect loss of any kind, such as any indirect loss caused by the use of the brand watch or due to the flaws and inaccuracy of the brand watch, please refer to the specific provisions in the brand manual for details;
  5. The product failure caused by the opening and modification of the product by an unauthorized maintenance point is not covered by the warranty. 30-day return and exchange principle: After the inspection and receipt, if there is a quality problem or failure, with the quality inspection certificate of the manufacturer's maintenance center or special maintenance point, you can enjoy the return and exchange within 30 days (subject to the receipt date on the receipt of the goods); The following No return processing for situations:
  6. Caused by abnormal use/abuse, carelessness, negligence, accident (bump, knock, squeeze, surface damage and others), incorrect use, and failure to follow the instructions provided by the brand Any damage to any part of the watch
  7. The product and accessories (watch box, warranty card, etc.) are incomplete or damaged;
  8. The outer packaging, spare parts, manual, warranty and invoice of the product are missing;
  9. Any non-our store Goods for sale.

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