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Smartwatches can be given as gifts
Smartwatches can be given as gifts

It is good to send a watch, but it does not mean that the other party will be satisfied with whatever watch you send. Choosing a more suitable watch for the object of the gift will increase the satisfaction of the other party after receiving the gift. Gifts should also be tailored to the place, that is to say, when giving birthday gifts, you should pay attention to local customs and hobbies, and study the psychology of the other party so that you can't put it down. "According to the rudimentary conditions", that is, don't make extravagant birthday gifts, do what you can, advocate doing it yourself, make simple and simple, and make birthday gifts with deep meaning. Any kind of gift is a good gift. There are five rules for sending watches:

First, you must first understand the taste of others:

you must know that giving gifts is not to make yourself happy, but to make others happy.

Second, it is always better to send a new watch to send a watch:

because no one likes to receive second-hand goods.

Third, no matter whether the gift is three yuan or three hundred yuan:

first of all, you must tear off the price tag and send a gift with a clearly marked price, as if to remind the other party that my gift cost a lot of money.

Fourth, carefully selected packaging:

gifts are different from personal use, good content is important, and good form is more colorful.

Fifth, give gifts to master the scale between practicality and practicality:

for elegant people, a book is more important than anything else, and it should not be too practical.

Sending a watch is not the same thing as sending a clock. The watch can be used to record the time everyone spends together. The most important thing on the watch is the minute hand and the hour hand. Although these two hands are inconsistent in pace, one is fast and the other is slow, the minute hand will always return to the hour hand after a circle. Although there is still a second hand in a watch, people usually only look at the hours and minutes every time they look at the time, so the existence of the second hand is often ignored by people. Giving the watch to the other party actually means that the person who gave the watch hopes that the friendship with the person who receives the gift will last as long as the two needles.

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