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Smartwatches for the elderly need to be equipped with features
Smartwatches for the elderly need to be equipped with features

Smart positioning, electronic fence:

I think this is the biggest use of smart watches for the elderly, it can reduce the anxiety and pain of the family members after the elderly get lost as much as possible, andachieve early detection and early warning.

Health detection, care for the body:

At present, the functions of heart rate detection, blood pressure, sleep monitoring and other common bracelets are very helpful for children to know the physical condition of the elderly at any time, and various diseases can be found at any time.

Emergency, one-key alarm:

Whether it is the elderly or ourselves, it is easy to be overwhelmed when encountering danger or emergencies, SOS one-key alarm can let children or other emergency contacts be notified immediately

Smart companion, multi-function reminder:

The rapid development of electronic products should also allow the elderly to enjoy corresponding convenience and intelligent functions. The smart reminder of smart watches, to-do reminders, and medicine reminders have given the elderly such an opportunity.

In fact, this is also determined by the principle used by wearable devices to detect these indicators, and can only be used as an auxiliary, especially for the elderly, children must take them for physical examination regularly, they should go to the hospital to go to the hospital, and some chronic diseases should always be paid attention to. Smartwatches are not very realistic.

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