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The difference between a smart watch and a smart bracelet
The difference between a smart watch and a smart bracelet

Smart watches and smart bands are now ubiquitous in my daily life, so what's the difference between them?

Smart bracelets often have two aspects that we tend to ignore, one is the screen quality, and the other is battery life. Take the NFC version of Huawei Band 7 as an example. On his product detail page, there is very little about the screen. Only the 1.47-inch screen size, 9.99mm body thickness, and 16g body weight are mentioned. We have no other information. do not know. But Huawei WATCH Fit New is very detailed, with a 1.64-inch large screen, 280x456 resolution, 326ppi, all parameters, from which you can see the difference between the bracelet and the watch in terms of screen. When it comes to battery life, the battery life of wristband products tends to be longer, while the battery life of Huawei WATCH Fit New is 10 days, which is slightly weaker than that of wristband products.

Through the above comparison, I believe that everyone has a preliminary understanding of smart bracelets and smart watches. If you are confused about how to choose two products that look similar, I suggest you choose a watch first with sufficient funds, because it is a watch product after all, and its functions will be more comprehensive and powerful. If the funds are not enough, then the bracelet is the best choice, and its functional coverage is now quite extreme. If you are willing to add dozens of dollars to get the NFC version, you will also have a very good experience in future travel, payment and other scenarios.

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