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Using a sleep tracker for smartwatches to get a better night’s sleep
Using a sleep tracker for smartwatches to get a better night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential to help us function at our very best. Sleep governs a number of our physical and mental faculties, making it as important as a balanced diet and regular exercise. Having a discipline sleep cycle is the building block to a sound and energetic mind and body.

If you are having trouble maintaining a healthy sleep cycle, you can consider opting for a sleep tracker. Available in modern wearables such as a smartwatch, a sleep tracker can improve your overall quality of sleep, and ensure that you stay energised and productive through the day.

How a sleep monitor tracks your sleep

Sleep duration: Know the exact amount of time you spend sleeping and calculate your average time of slumber.

Sleep quality: By making records every time your sleep is interrupted, assess how well you truly are sleeping.

Sleep phases: Identify different stage of sleep such as light, deep and REM sleep to better understand your sleep cycle.

Environmental triggers: Identify and eliminate triggers in your bedroom that can negatively affect your ability to sleep.


Easy ways to improve your sleep cycle

Opt for a reliable sleep tracker and follow these tips for a better night’s sleep.

Whether you require 7 or 8 hours of sleep in a day, falling into a daily routine is the key to establishing a healthy circadian rhythm.

Ensure you sleep and rise at the same time for a few weeks, until your body clock naturally coincides with your sleep schedule.

Natural light during the daytime is a great source of energy. However, it is best to abstain from blue light emitted from televisions, laptops and smartphones, an hour before bed time.

Your quality of nightly sleep directly correlates to how well you can function through the day. Ensuring that you have a healthy sleep cycle is essential to stay sharp and alert. Uwinmo wearables come with integrated sleep trackers to help you monitor your sleep in a comprehensive way. By identifying periods of restlessness through the night, you can work towards improving your overall quality of sleep.

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