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Waterproof classification of waterproof smart watches
Waterproof classification of waterproof smart watches

The first thing to note is that even a waterproof smartwatch with a strong waterproof rating is not recommended for use in hot baths, saunas and other environments. Because high air pressure can easily damage the sealing ring, resulting in waterproof failure, water vapor as a gas is more likely to enter the watch and cause damage.

The grades of watch waterproof detection are as follows:

Level 0:

No protection, no special protection against water and moisture


Prevent the intrusion of water droplets, and the water droplets falling vertically (such as condensation water) will not cause damage to the appliance


When the appliance is tilted 15 degrees, it can still prevent the intrusion of water droplets When the appliance is tilted from vertical to 15 degrees, the dripping water will not cause damage to the appliance


Prevent water spray, rainwater from invading or prevent water spray from a direction less than 60 degrees from the vertical direction from invading the electrical appliance and cause damage


Prevent splashing water from invading, prevent water splashing from all directions from invading electrical appliances and causing damage


Protection against water jet intrusion Prevents water jetted from nozzles from all directions from entering the device and causing damage


Protection against intrusion of large waves, electrical appliances installed on the deck can prevent damage caused by intrusion of large waves


In order to prevent water from entering when immersed in water, the appliance is immersed in water for a certain period of time or the water pressure is lower than a certain standard to ensure that it will not be damaged due to water ingress


continuous diving test; test equipment, test conditions and test time: determined according to the standard and the product under test, and its severity is higher than IPX7.

If the watch is squeezed or soaked in water, it is easy to cause damage to the internal parts of the watch. In addition to looking at the watch's IP65 waterproof detection level, you also need to look at the watch's dust-proof rating. Only the watch's IP65 water resistance test and dust resistance test can meet the ideal standard, allowing you to decide whether to buy this watch for yourself.

For those who are not used to taking off the watch, choose a watch with a high IP65 waterproof detection level.

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