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What is a Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch
What is a Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch – What’s the deal with it?

Simply put, a Bluetooth calling smartwatch is a type of smartwatch that lets you enjoy complete calling functionality through your watch. That essentially means that you can not only receive call notifications on your smart watch with calling feature but also attend them directly through the watch’s interface via a built-in speaker and a microphone.


Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch v/s Regular Bluetooth Smartwatch

If you are someone looking to buy your first smartwatch, you would be wondering whether Bluetooth calling is something that every smartwatch does? Well, in practice, most of them do. But there is a big difference between a smartwatch with call function and a regular smartwatch that lets you handle your calls. Let us explain.


Like we have mentioned above, Bluetooth calling watches have a fully integrated calling function. That means that they behave like a phone put on speaker when it comes to attending calls. Thus, you could consider a Bluetooth smartwatch with calling option similar to a smartphone that is always on speaker mode when it comes to calls. As you can expect, you will get alerts when you are getting a call and you will also be able to make and manage all your calls through such a smartwatch with ease.


On the other hand, a regular Bluetooth smartwatch without the built-in complete smartwatch calling function simply alerts you when you are receiving a call or even allows you to make a call from your smartwatch. Naturally, you will also be able to choose whether to accept or decline an incoming call through a simple tap on your smartwatch dial. But you will be attending the call through a connected earpiece instead of directly on the smartwatch. Although such regular Bluetooth smartwatches are also great for hands-free calling, they don’t provide a fully-functional calling experience.


So, is the Bluetooth calling watch price higher than a regular smartwatch, then? Although the pricing of the smartwatch depends from brand to brand, many a Bluetooth calling feature smartwatch are highly affordable and come within the same price bracket.

Smartwatch with Call Function – Why It Should Be Your Next?

Owning a smart watch with calling feature surely sounds fab. After all, not many can claim to have such a cool gizmo on their wrist that lets them stay in touch with the world through crystal clear audio and microphone quality. So, why should you look to upgrade to a Bluetooth calling smartwatch? Here are two reasons:


You enjoy or prefer handsfree calling – and want to take it to another level

The biggest reason why people love the Bluetooth smartwatch calling function is because it lets them answer and attend calls as quick as possible. No more fumbling for your hefty smartphone in your pockets – especially when your hands are tied or you are in a tight spot. No more trying to fiddle with your earpiece. Simply tap on your smartwatch screen and get talking straight away. The best smart watch with calling function often have a very premium quality speaker and a microphone to help you listen and talk in supreme quality.


You want a more seamless and reliable calling feature

What if your earpiece and your smartwatch are not able to connect properly, especially in a busy spot? What if your earpiece battery drains away in the middle of the call or before the call? By eliminating one dependent in the entire calling routine, Bluetooth calling watches make your hands-free calls more reliable and seamless.


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