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What is the difference between smart watch WIFI and 4g
What is the difference between smart watch WIFI and 4g

With the popularity of smart watches, people pay more and more attention to the functions of smart watches. More powerful watches tend to be favored by more people. Today we will talk about the difference between WIFI smart watch 4g smart watch.

Main difference:

  1. Different network formats:

The 4G version can use the SIM communication card of the network operator to receive network signals, and then you can directly access the Internet. Of course, in addition to this method, you can also directly connect to WIFI, which is a wireless network. For the purpose of surfing the Internet, the 4G network can also receive the signal of the mobile phone, which is used for making calls, sending text messages, etc., and the functions are more comprehensive and powerful. As for the WIFI version, you can only use the WIFI network to surf the Internet. The geographical restrictions of this version will be stronger than the 4G version, so the 4G version can be said to be the WIFI version, and then the 4G functions are added together. include.

  1. the price is different:

The 4G version with the same configuration is higher than the WIFI version.

  1. Different appearance:

The 4G version has a card slot on the right side of the fuselage. The 4G version will come with a card pin in the box, but the WIFI version does not.

All in all, the WIFI version of the smart watch needs to be connected to WIFI or a mobile phone to use all functions normally, while the 4G version of the watch can be used without WIFI and a mobile phone. In addition, 4G smart watches need to insert cards, WIFI does not need, but 4G is better in practicality, of course, the price will be more expensive than WIFI.

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