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What is the smartwatch’s exercise mode like?
What is the smartwatch’s exercise mode like?

The competencies of smartwatches are growing day by day. More and more fitness, health and sports modes are included to help you stay in sync with your body signs. Explore our best fitness smartwatches and how they can help you lead a more healthy lifestyle.


Running: Tracking the fast and the furious

Admit it: people who love the track love to track. Whether preparing for a marathon or just going for a causal jog, the Running mode on your smartwatch is a great way to keep track of your distance covered, speed, lap times, personal best, and more. Certain watches also come with built-in GPS so that you can keep a tab on your location or plan your run routes better. Sounds run-tastic!

Workout: Count your blessings steady gains

Workout modes on your smartwatch without a dedicated ‘workout’ mode? Impossible. Making your mark in the gym when you are pumping iron means keeping a conscious track of your sessions. Whether you are trying to go for the holy grail of weight loss or getting shredded, the workout mode can help you track the calories burnt, heart rate, breathing rate, the effectiveness of your routine, and more. You may also be able to log in your performances, meals and body metrics, thus giving you insight on how your body is getting into shape.


Sports: Your personal sports data analyst

If you are a sports maniac, you must have a lot of fun seeing pro-athlete stats and numbers pop up on the screen during live telecasts or recaps. Now imagine playing cricket, football, tennis, basketball, etc., and being able to track your performance – right from your motion to activities tailored to each sport. How’s that for your personal sports coach, right on your wrist?


Yoga: The ultimate zen, now trackable

Yeah, yoga is also a workout that has gained huge popularity all over the world. With your smartwatch’s built-in heart rate and breathing sensors, it is now possible to track your wellness and stress levels as you stretch, contort, meditate or simply breathe mindfully. Happy nirvana!


Swimming: Tread knee-deep in cool stats

5 ATM water-resistant smartwatches are all the rage these days, and that makes them perfect for the swimmer in you! Just switch on the Swimming mode and dive into the cool water without a worry. As you might have guessed it, the swimming mode gives you a low-down on your laps, speed, swim time, etc. Some sophisticated smartwatches may also keep a track of your motion and help you get it better.


Cycling: Control your journey like never before

There’s just something so liberating about cycling, isn’t it? As you climb your saddle and get ready to take flight on the road ahead, don’t forget to switch on the Cycling mode on your smartwatch. Yup, it will help you track your speed, distance, laps, pit stops if any, and may also help you navigate if GPS is enabled! When cycling in the sun, hydration levels are important. Your smartwatch’s hydration reminder will come in really handy in such a situation.


Hiking: Fitness on the go

Hiking and trekking become double the fun when you have a smartwatch to track your every step. Feel like Indiana Jones treading unknown territory with the assuredness of your smartwatch which can help you track distance and duration along with hydration levels and even your heart rate as you take on that steep climb. One helluva adventure!


All it takes is a few taps to switch on any workout mode that floats your boAt. What lies next is a fitness journey like you have never experienced before. This is the magic of smartwatches – designed for pros, enthusiasts and casuals alike – bringing you in the mood for some adventure all the time!

If you are looking for a smartwatch to improve the way your workout, look no further than Uwinmo smartwatches.

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