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Wireless Charging And Contact Charging for Smart Watch
Wireless Charging And Contact Charging for Smart Watch

Wireless Charging:

The wireless charging smart watch does not have the problem of contact oxidation and corrosion, because the charging transmitter coil and receiver coil will not be in direct contact with the outside world.But the downside is that wireless charging is slower than direct contact charging, which is often not as fast as contact charging.In terms of price, wireless charging watches tend to be more expensive than contact charging watches.Due to the high content of wireless charging technology, it consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, and the corresponding manufacturing cost is also relatively high.and low compatibility. Since there is no uniform standard, different brands of wireless charging devices cannot be used interchangeably.

Contact Charging:

The principle behind a contact-charging smartwatch is simple. Both positive and negative electrodes are exposed. The contact pins of the charger are closely attached to the contacts on the watch through magnetic attraction, and the continuous electric energy is directly charged into the watch through the wires. . The disadvantage is that the contacts on the back of the charger and the watch are not fully integrated, and it is easy to leave stains after exercise. If you don't wash it for years, it will get clogged with dirt and won't charge. If the sweat after exercise is not cleaned up in time, it is easy to cause electric shock and corrosion, which in turn affects the charging efficiency. Moreover, the charging charger is not universal for all devices, and it is still very troublesome to run out of power at a critical moment. For contact charging watches.

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